25066 course sociolinguistics lane 422

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25066 course sociolinguistics lane 422

Language and Ethnic Group. In the previous chapter. We saw how linguistic variation may be caused by physical distance or barriers that separate speech communities from each other. We also learned that variation in the way people use language is also due to social class differentiation.

In this lecture we will learn about language variation along ethnic lines. Observance of that particular groups customs, beliefs, and language or dialect usually signals ones identifying with, or membership of, that group.

In the United States. There are, for example, differences between the English spoken by the so called White Americans and Black Americans. It is easy to assign people to one of the two ethnic groups solely on the basis of their language.

This indicates the black speech and white speech have some kind of social reality for many Americans. Whether one speaks White or Black English is the result of learned behavior. People do not speak the way they do because they are white or black. What actually happens is that speakers acquire the linguistic characteristics of those they live in close contact with.

Members of the two ethnic groups learn the linguistic varieties associated with them in exactly the same way that social-class dialects are acquired. By no means all American Blacks speak African American Vernacular English AAVEbut the overwhelming majority of those who do speak it are Blacks, and can be identified as such from their speech alone.

There is no racial or physiological basis of any kind for this particular type of linguistic variation. In the past, there was a believe that there was an inherent connection between language and race.

Any human being can learn any human language. There are many cases of whole ethnic groups switching language through time for example, the large numbers of people of African origin who now speak European languages only.

It is therefore unlikely that groups of people are racially related because they speak related languages. It remains true, however, thatLanguage may be an important or even essential concomitant of ethnic-group membership.

This is a social and cultural fact, and it is important to be clear about what sort of process may be involved. Linguistic characteristics may be the most defining criteria for ethnic-group membership.

Ethnic-group differentiation in a mixed community, then, is a particular type of social differentiation, and as such, will often have linguistic differentiation associated with it.

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The different ethnic groups therefore maintain their separateness and identity as much through language as anything else. Varieties of Language and EthnicityThe separate identity of ethnic groups is not only signaled by different languages. Ethnic affiliation can also be signaled by different varieties of the same language.

Differences of this type may be perpetuated by, the same sort of social mechanisms as are involved in the maintenance of social-class dialects. Ethnic group differentiation may then act as a barrier to the communication of linguistic features in the same way as other social barriers.

Individuals who are black, for example, are much more likely to be aware of the fact that they are black than they are to recognize that they are, say, lower middle class. This means that ethnic-group membership and identity may be an important social fact for them which can be signaled by persistent linguistic differences._course Sociolinguistics Lane Language Death.

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25066 course sociolinguistics lane 422

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LANE SOCIOLINGUISTICS -. summarized from sociolinguistics an introduction to language and society peter trudgill 4 th edition. , prepared by dr. abdullah s. al-shehri. summarized from sociolinguistics an introduction to language and society peter trudgill 4 th edition. , prepared by dr. abdullah s.

al-shehri. Presentation Summary: Sociolinguistics lane Social to be more open to the introduction and transmission of Lexical Loss Loss in phonologt Loss in morphology Loss in Lexical Loss Loss in phonologt Loss in morphology Loss in. Sociolinguistics lane Social stratification Any hierarchical (ranking) ordering of groups within a society in terms of power, wealth and status.

LANE SOCIOLINGUISTICS. Summarized from SOCIOLINGUISTICS An Introduction to Language and Society Peter Trudgill 4 th edition. , and other sources Prepared by Dr.

Abdullah S. Al-Shehri. Chapter 3. Language and Ethnic Group. In the previous chapter. Slideshow by jiro.

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