An analysis of the writing of jonathan edwards and benjamin franklin

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An analysis of the writing of jonathan edwards and benjamin franklin

By Jay Rogers Published March 31, We need only look to the great awakenings of past centuries to see that the Church of 20th century America has fallen from great heights … The men who led these great awakenings were ordinary men.

They were intelligent, but they carried none of the distinguishing marks that accompany those who are capable of changing a nation. There is no money or fame here — no power or prestige.

In fact, the greatest characteristic of these men was that they were consumed with a passionate love for Jesus Christ. They were humble men who loved the holiness of God. America was transformed by this Great Awakening which began in the ministry of one man — Jonathan Edwards. Mason Lowance, a literary critic and historian at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, has this to say about Jonathan Edwards: His preaching was the spark that set the fire that later became known as the Great Awakening.

Revival - Edwards and Wesley — The Forerunner

Edwards delivered intense sermons enlivened by concrete and vivid illustrations. There was a marked intrusion from the heavenlies into their midst. Edwards delivered this sermon in Enfield, Connecticut, a town about 30 miles south of Northampton, on Sunday, July 8, What was it that set Edwards apart for such a great destiny?

Where did the seeds of greatness begin to germinate?

What were the conditions that brought about such a complete reformation of society? From his youth, Edwards spent much time in secret with God seeking His Presence. He would often walk alone in the fields or the mountains praying to God with a deep affection.

Jonathan Edwards, initiator of the Great Awakening, a religious revival that stirred the eastern seacoast for many years, eloquently defended his burning belief in Calvinistic doctrine—of the concept that man, born totally depraved, could attain virtue and salvation only through God’s grace—in his . George Whitefield, the famous evangelist, became friends with Benjamin Franklin, the famous printer and philosophe, while he was visiting Philadelphia on a preaching essay takes excerpts from the correspondence between two remarkable men of the eighteenth century. May 24,  · On Jonathan Edwards’ Resolutions and Benjamin Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanacks A lthough their publications are separated by a mere decade, Jonathan Edwards’ Resolutions and the wit and wisdom of Benjamin Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanack seem be written in particularly different eras in American thought.

Edwards was used in a great way because he sought to be intimate with the actual Presence of God. The sense I had of divine things would often kindle up a sweet burning in my soul, that I know not how to express.

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This was the foundation of a new feeling of strength and unity among the colonies which resulted in the birth of a new nation in The Northampton revival continued for about 15 years until Edwards once again began to confront sin in his congregation by naming backsliders from the pulpit and refusing communion and church membership to those who had not had a personal salvation experience.

As a result of his renewed zeal, Edwards was ousted as minister on June 22, Joseph Hawley later repented of his part in the controversy and begged for the forgiveness of the slandered minister.

Edwards simply removed himself from Northampton. Edwards spent the rest of his life as a missionary to the Indians at Stockbridge, Massachusetts and later as president of Princeton University.Jonathan Edwards and Benjamin Franklin Similarities • Contemporaries, born in the early 18th • Franklin – Sought moral perfection to be a good Citizen – Relied on reason, scientific method Edwards’ Writing and Preaching.

Jonathan Edwards and Puritan Childhood Russ Allen Master of Arts in History Thesis 2 Jonathan Edwards, A Faithful Narrative (), in Works of Jonathan Edwards, vol.

4, The Great Many children, such as eight-year-old Benjamin Franklin, were “sent-out” at a young age. Hospitality Office of Finance and Administration.

An analysis of the writing of jonathan edwards and benjamin franklin

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Compare Jonathan Edwards’ “Personal Narrative” and Benjamin Franklin’s “Autobiography, Part II.” Both Jonathan Edwards and Benjamin Franklin are major and important American writers. A vast number of people were influenced by their writings.

Chapter 5 Study Guide: Colonial Society on the Eve of Revolution, AP U. S. History Jonathan Edwards Benjamin Franklin John Peter Zenger decision C.

Thought Provokers: 1. Discuss the ethnic and racial composition of colonial America. How did this diversity affect the future of. Feb 11,  · I found Anne Bradstreet's "Contemplations" to be a very remarkable poem. What i found the most amazing about "Contemplations" was the struggles that Bradstreet endured in her life suffering from rheumatic fever and the hardships of coming to America during such a challenging time.

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