Bad business writing

Nearly every company relies on the written word to woo customers. So why is most business writing so numbingly banal? If you could taste words, most corporate websites, brochures, and sales materials would remind you of stale, soggy rice cakes:

Bad business writing

Correct each of the following snippets of prose so that it says what its author probably meant. Not every collection of words expresses a thought. These all were first reprinted in The New Yorker. In making your corrections, be faithful to the form of the snippet.

Pantagraph] "I would not ever want to say there are not people on our campus that at first in the classroom are not hard to understand, at least until students get used to them," Watkins said.

Record] "Teaching is like a disease; those of you who have it are lucky, you are blessed," Honig said.


Today] Lady wants ride to South Western Pennsylvania. Will more than share expenses. A scathing perspective of the sordid soul of a shameless city that tells a stinging truth. A fast-paced novel, honest and thoughtful with a sunny message at its innermost core.

For each of the following snippets of prose, explain why it is bad writing. The author forgot what the subject of the sentence was.

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Nannouk is a week-old Spitz mix female and will grow to be medium sized. She does well inside. Sterilization is mandatory for anyone wanting to take her. Examine with awed horror the following prose gems and explain in a sentence or two the nature of their problem.

These were first reprinted in The New Yorker. She single handedly carries and makes the night.

bad business writing

But how does she accomplish this task? One must look at the play for the answer. The scene is an old rural town several kilometers from London in in which this play takes place. The major character begins her powerful roaring.

For she has come upon the stage. She is a swan of beauty and grace which sails through the portals of the mind into greater sunsets.

She is an eagle that soars through the sky to another atmosphere. In short, she carries the play with her wonderful, classical, energetic, smooth performance. The voice is full of fire, pain, pleasure and love; yet natural. Her voice is full of raw emotion which is born within a person.

It is not taught. It is the bird which is tossed from the nest, and it flies. The play flew because of the skills of Julie Eccles, and the fact that she is glorious does not hurt!

Due to the fact that instructors come from diverse backgrounds and occupy different positions within a given university, both individual and organizational based factors may contribute to the variance in levels of agreement between perceptions.

This is the worst sort of pseudo-scientific jargon, one to which social science and particularly education are unfortunately addicted. Ingram in the Newport Ore. Composed at his Agate Beach residence in the early 50s, the Sinfonia Breve is a work redolent of the sea and its moods. The second movement changed the tempo abruptly to a deeply ponderous one, the end sad and questioning.

As if a storm had suddenly whipped up out of the southeast, the third movement sped along with driving force, a ricochet of tone and rhythm that was closed by the summation of the fourth and final movement. Washington is a city that only cares about one thing: A Bloomsbury Childhood, by Angelica Garnett] At first his appearance was unimpressive; without being fat he was short and fairly solid, almost stocky, usually dressed in unremarkable grey tweed.

It was when he was seated that one became aware of the nobility of his forehead, completed by the curve of his aquiline nose, on either side of which was a pair of shrewd, hawk-like eyes. It concerns an unconventional family -- a free-spirited mother and her three young-adult children -- that visits an English seaside resort.

Of the white people living here inwere black, all of whom were slaves. Efforts to make English the official language is gaining strength throughout the U. What is your reaction?

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There are two lovely swimming pools and a summer lunchtime bar -- and a few tentative souls still change for dinner in the restaurant.This is an artform at its best – business haikus. I’m talking about brochures, websites, case studies, press releases, reports, letters and the humdrum daily word torrent.

What comes out of most companies is bad. In my experience there are seven types of bad writing. Business-speak is almost as bad as academic speak. In other words, bad writing is found even in the most noble of professions. Here is a single sentence from a business report that explains a.

The High Cost of Poor Writing (About $ Billion). Josh Bernoff wrote a piece recently for The Daily Beast titled, Bad Writing Costs Businesses article grabs with an amazing statistic: bad writing is costing American businesses close to $ billion every is a staggering number.

Bernoff writes: Think about it. This white paper discusses examples of bad business writing and other scenarios we’re calling “communication shipwrecks” in the corporate, government, and academic worlds, along with a lesson to be learned from each.

Business writing is a type of professional communication and is also known as business communication and professional writing. Learning how to write proper business documents is immeasurably easier by studying examples of proper business writing as well as tips on how to .

Clear leadership, expressed in writing, creates alignment and boosts productivity. For example, in writing email, managers from the CEO on down must set an example by communicating exactly what they want, clearly, in the subject line or title and the first two sentences of everything they write.

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