Dental x ray unit

An advanced intraoral X-ray unit that provides easy and precise positioning, a straightforward imaging process and top quality images in high resolution. This advanced unit provides easy and precise positioning, a straightforward imaging process and top quality images in high resolution. Planmeca ProX is uniquely designed to make intraoral imaging easier and more reliable than ever.

Dental x ray unit

About Author Why Digital X-rays? Before considering what digital intraoral x-ray system to purchase for your practice, it is important to understand how much more powerful every digital system is over traditional film x-rays. Digital X-Ray Highlights Save time with faster image captures and no image processing Improved quality with higher resolution images Better communication with larger images to show patients Reduced radation exposure for patients Easier storage and sharing of images Enhanced diagnositc capabilities with image processing Exposure — Digital x-rays provide instant exposure.

Plus, there is no wasted time mounting the x-rays into holders. Additionally, they degrade as time goes on. With digital x-rays, you have nearly unlimited storage on a hard drive. Because they are digital files, the x-rays themselves will never yellow or degrade over time. Access — Because the x-rays are stored as files on a computer, you can have multiple people accessing the same image at one time.

Dental x ray unit

For example, while an assistant is capturing the x-rays in the operatory, the dentist could be reviewing the images from another room.

Patients — Patients are more aware than ever of the amount of radiation they are exposed to. They encounter it everywhere from hospital CT scans to airport screening systems. Besides limiting their radiation exposure, patients also benefit from improved communication.

It is much easier for a patient to see an image on a screen than it is to squint at a tiny film x-ray. Diagnostics — Digital x-rays can provide more image resolution than film. With most systems, you also can adjust the contrast to optimize the image for hard or soft tissue features, or to clarify the possible presence of decay.

Return on Investment — With digital x-rays, you no longer have to worry about paying for film, the cost of maintaining the developer machine or buying chemicals.

Plus, if you add up the amount billed each month for x-rays, ROI calculations often show an investment in digital equipment paying for itself in just a few months.

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The quality of the image usually is not affected by which type of sensor technology you choose. Image Processing — The software that comes with the sensor should have some basic image processing that further enhances or clarifies the image. Many come with this feature at a click of a button, without you having to mess with contrast or brightness on your own.

Practice Management Software — The imaging software should be compatible with your current practice management software. Some integrate directly into the software modules themselves.

Resolution — Most sensors display images twice the resolution of film. You may see the resolution of different digital x-ray sensors expressed in terms of shades of gray, megapixels or line pairs per millimeter. Connection — The connection of the sensor should be simple and straightforward, such as utilizing a USB port to plug into a computer.

Some digital sensors have a direct wired connection to the USB port. Others require a capture box the sensor plugs into first, and the box then plugs into the computer. In these cases, you only need to purchase one box per sensor.

Some of the latest systems also have either Ethernet or wireless connections available. Positioner Type — Most systems have several different types of positioners that all resemble the Rinn style.

Make sure you have options available that your staff are already used to working with.Dental caries, infections and other changes in the bone density, and the periodontal ligament, appear darker because X-rays readily penetrate these less dense structures.

Dental restorations (fillings, crowns) may appear lighter or darker, depending on the density of the material. Blue Sky Exchange- The trusted source for used and refurbished medical equipment.

X-ray Equipment. Subp. 2. Beam quality; half-value layer. A. The half-value layer of the useful beam for a given kVp must not be less than the intraoral dental x-ray systems that have fixed technique factors.

Portable Dental X Rays Machine - Handheld Dental XRay Unit Imaging System!

D. The technique chart used for all examinations . The MaxRay Handheld Dental X-Ray can reduce the number of retakes by up to 50%. Nearly 1/2 the cost of the major competitors The MaxRay Handheld X-Ray Unit is nearly half the cost of the cost of competitors like Nomad.


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