Essay on frequent power failure

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Essay on frequent power failure

Short essay on frequent power cuts in India Atul Joshi Advertisements: Electric energy occupies the top grade in energy hierarchy. It finds innumerable uses in home, industry, agriculture and even in transport.

The fact that electricity can be transported practically instantaneously, almost pollution-free, at the consumer level and that its use can be controlled very easily, makes it very attractive as compared to other form of energy.

The per capita consumption of electricity in any country is; index of the standard of living of the people in that country. As per the latest figures, the annual per capita consumption of electrical energy in some of the countries is: The electric energy demand in India during the past 20 years was higher than the gross generation as a result of which there were massive power-cuts.

It has been estimated that an investment of about Rs. Indian energy scenario today is dominated by feelings of discomfort and despair regarding the abysmally poor supply of power in most parts of the country. There are several issues that characterize India's energy scenario today.

These can be briefly listed as follows: The present installed capacity in our country is about 93, MW and the largest share in power generation is contributed by thermal power plants, which account for about Hydel power contributes about The rest being accounted for by diesel, wind, solar and gas plants.

Against the present installed power capacity of about 93, MW, the power actually available for transmission is about 54, MW.

Short essay on frequent power cuts in India

After theft and pilferage, power available for consumption at the final stage is less than 32, MW. This means only 35 percent of the total generation capacity is being effectively metered and used.

In the case of thermal power plants in Bihar, the efficiency level is below 20 percent. The managerial efficiency and financial health of several energy supplying organisations in the country are very weak. Mounting dues of various power boards can be gauged from the following figures of their debt: The financial health of the SEBs is woefully poor mainly because pricing of power, particularly for agricultural consumers, is far below even the average cost of supply.

At the same time, the power tariff to industry and commercial sector at the rate of Rs. So, despite impressive growth in power generation, power shortage still continues in our country. Ingap between demand and supply of power was It came down to 6.Religion vs Power, Failure of Interregnum.

important than politics in the failure of the interregnum regimes of " assess the validity of this statement.” In this essay I will be exploring the argument of whether religion was more important than politics in the failure of the interregnum regimes of there are various arguments to be addressed.

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Essay on frequent power failure

Essay On Power Failure. AD represent the theme of power though characterisation. The hubristic nature and ambition for power of the antagonists Macbeth and Commodus eventually bring about their downfall. They both commit the hamartia of regicide which disturbs the order of being.

Essay On Frequent Power Failure - essay about importance of parents college essay prompt help life of city essay. essay on frequent power failure . Read a sample Common Application essay and critique, "Striking Out," in response to a prompt about setbacks and failure.

Read a sample Common Application essay and critique, "Striking Out," in response to a prompt about setbacks and failure. You immediately know that this will be an essay about both failure and baseball, and the idea of a.

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