External examiner thesis report

External Examiner Recommends Major Revisions to the Dissertation In cases where the External Examiner recommends major revisions to the dissertation before proceeding to the Oral Defence, Candidates are normally granted exactly one opportunity for major revision and re-examination. External review of the revised dissertation normally involves both the original External Examiner and a new additional External Examiner who is not informed of the previous external exam. The Research Supervisor and Candidate will be notified by email as early as possible if the External Examiner recommends major revisions to the dissertation and if the Dean or Associate Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies requires that the Candidate address the report and make revisions to the dissertation before proceeding to the Final Oral Defence.

External examiner thesis report

The examination will be conducted by the Dean of Graduate Studies or the Dean's designate chosen from among scholars of the University.

The examining committee will include at least three members of the University of Manitoba academic staff, normally the same members as that of the candidate's advisory committee, and an examiner external to the University of Manitoba.

The doctoral candidate, advisor, and all internal members of the examining committee must be present. The presence of the external examiner is strongly encouraged but not mandatory.

Attendance of internal examiners It is required that all internal members of the examining committee be present at the defence, unless External examiner thesis report circumstances prevent this and prior approval of the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies has been given.

If for any reason an internal examiner is unable to be present in person, participation via video-conferencing may be approved by FGS depending on the constitution of the committee and the presence of other examiners. Oral examinations will be cancelled and deferred if members of the examining committee are not present at the scheduled time and place.

Program information At least two weeks prior to the proposed date the following information must be received by the Faculty of Graduate Studies: Biographical data if desired i.

List of degrees obtained--institution and date 3. List of the candidate's awards, publications, and joint publications 4. An abstract of the thesis not more than words Notes: It is the responsibility of the Department to reserve the room for the oral examination and notify FGS of the date, time and location.

A minimum of two weeks' notice is required.

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The oral examination is open to all members of the University community. Graduate students should especially be encouraged to attend.

Approximately one week prior to the oral examination, FGS will provide the Chair of the examination with a Chair package including the following: Questions submitted by the external examiner will not be forwarded to the advisor or to the candidate prior to the examination, unless this is explicitly requested by the external.

A thorough examination and defence of the thesis serves as the University's guarantee that the standards of the Ph. To this end, the procedures for the conduct of the examination must be consistent and adhered to strictly.

Appointment of External Examiners

Prior to the start of the formal examination The Chair ensures that: General introduction and welcome The Chair welcomes all of those in attendance and impresses upon the candidate, the examiners, and the audience that this occasion is the senior academic event in the Faculty of Graduate Studies and is a formal examination process prior to awarding the highest academic degree of the University of Manitoba; Introduction of candidate and examiners Referring to the Examination Program, the Chair: The Chair should note that all members of the examining committee have read the thesis and submitted written reports.

The advisor may or may not have included a report. Outline of procedures for the Oral Examination. The Chair outlines the procedures for the conduct of the examination for the candidate, examining committee, and audience as follows:The thesis summary is a substantive description of your work read by an external examiner by presenting all the major elements of your work in a highly condensed form.

Size and Structure Normally, a thesis summary would only contain or less (for undergraduate theses), words (for Masters theses) and words (for a doctoral dissertation).

External examiner thesis report

External Examiner's report form (Masters by Research) (MS Word, *Where Examiners need to complete a re-examination of a Masters by Research thesis, then again, the Preliminary Reports and Joint Report on the PhD tab should be used instead of the above two separate reports. Preliminary Reports are required whether there is a viva at re.

Role of the External Examiner. The University has agreed that the role of the external examiner should be: To advise the University on whether the academic standards of all of its awards are consistent with the standards of similar awards elsewhere;.

EXTERNAL EXAMINER'S REPORT Name of the thesis candidate: Faculty: Stella lacovides University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg,South Africa General notices: the current format of the thesis whereby the study in Chapter 2b directly follows that of Chapter 2a.

The external examiner should complete Section of the Report form (External Examiner’s Report on Thesis) and take the whole form to the oral examination. Some Colleges/Schools may permit an electronic copy to be sent ahead of the examination.

Upon receipt of the External Examiner’s report, FGS will forward the report and the “Guidelines for the Scheduling and Conduct of Ph.D. Oral Examinations” to the Department/Unit Head, Advisor, and Internal Examining Committee members.

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