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The most important part of my religion is to play guitar.

Groovefinder satellite of love

The most important part of my religion is to play guitar. The effect is that you lose your memory and become a vegetable. You can't read a book because you get to page 17 and have to go right back to page one again. Cale and Conrad were both surprised to find that for "The Ostrich," Reed tuned each string of his guitar to the same note.

Disappointed with Reed's performance, Cale was nevertheless impressed by Reed's early repertoire including " Heroin "and a partnership began to evolve.

Though internally unstable Cale left inReed inand without commercial success, the band has a long-standing reputation as one of the most influential in rock history. The message is that urban life is tough stuff—it will kill you; Reed, the poet of destruction, knows it but never looks away and somehow finds holiness as well as perversity in both his sinners and his quest.

One of Warhol's first contributions was to integrate them into the Exploding Plastic Inevitable. Warhol's associates inspired many of Reed's songs as he fell into a thriving, multifaceted artistic scene. Reed rarely gave an interview without paying homage to Warhol as a mentor.

Despite his initial resistance, Reed wrote several songs for Nico to sing, and the two were briefly lovers as were Nico and Cale later.

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Today, however, it is considered one of the most influential rock albums ever recorded. Morrison and Tucker were discomfited by Reed's tactics but continued with the group.

The group now took on a more pop-oriented sound and acted more as a vehicle for Reed to develop his songwriting craft. The group released two albums with this line up: The latter included two of the group's most commercially successful songs, "Rock and Roll" and " Sweet Jane ". Reed's voice hasn't changed much since the early days.

Outrageously unmusical, it combines the sass of Jagger and the mockery of early Dylan, but is lower-pitched than either. It is a voice so incapable of bullshit that it makes even an artsy arrangement work by turning the whole thing into a joyous travesty. Just as arresting as Reed's voice are his lyrics, which combine a New York street punk sensibility and rock song cliches with a powerful poetic gift.

For he not only awakens nostalgia for Fifties rock, he shows that it is still a vital resource for today's musicians. The overall impression is that of a knowing primitivism, as serious as it is playful, and never less than refreshing. By keeping close to the roots he is keeping the faith.

The song's cleverly transgressive lyrics evaded radio censorship. Ronson's arrangements brought out new aspects of Reed's songs. It was rediscovered in the s and allowed Reed to drop "Walk on the Wild Side" from his concerts. An argument between Bowie and Reed ended their working relationship for several years, though its subject is not known.

Reed took the simple path of hiring an inexperienced bar band, the Tots. Reed spent much of and the winter of on the road with them. Though they improved over the months, criticism of their still-basic abilities ultimately led Reed to fire them mid-tour.

Thus the tour continued through the spring with a denser, bluesier and tighter sound that presaged the very successful live albums Reed would record with all different musicians in December.

In the process, Reed has created a body of music that comes as close to disclosing the parameters of human loss and recovery as we're likely to find. Critics interpreted it as a gesture of contempt, an attempt to break his contract with RCA or to alienate his less sophisticated fans. But Reed claimed that the album was a genuine artistic effort, even suggesting that quotations of classical music could be found buried in the feedback.

Lester Bangs declared it "genius," though also as psychologically disturbing. The album was reportedly returned to stores by the thousands after a few weeks. He has since stated though that at the time he had taken it seriously, he was also "very stoned".

The Best of Lou Reed.

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Reed was dismissive of punk, however, and rejected any affiliation with it. Take No Prisonerswhich some critics thought was his "bravest work yet," while others considered it his "silliest.Lou Reed 8 to In , a Groovefinder remix of his song, "Satellite of Love" (called "Satellite of Love '04") was released.

It reached No. 10 in the UK singles chart. Also in , Reed contributed vocals and guitar to the track "Fistful of Love" on I . "Satellite of Love" is one of Lou Reed's best-known songs from his solo career.

It is the second single from his album the time of its release it achieved minor chart success, though it later became a staple of . See more of Satellite My Love on Facebook.

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Groovefinder satellite of love

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1, people like this. "Satellite of Love" is a song by Lou Reed. It is the second single from his album Transformer. At the time of its release, it achieved minor chart success, though it later became a staple of his concerts and compilation albums.

76 I'm So Free (Live WLIR-FM Broadcast Remastered) 77 Satellite of Love (Live WLIR-FM Broadcast Remastered) 78 Heroin (Live WLIR-FM Broadcast Remastered) 79 Sweet Jane (Live WLIR-FM Broadcast Remastered) 80 Walk and Talk It (Live WLIR-FM Broadcast Remastered) 81 I'm Waiting For the Man (Live WLIR-FM.

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