Interactive website for martinez memorial colleges

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Interactive website for martinez memorial colleges

She was a major force in the 19th Amendment becoming a reality in Louisa never married and continued to write and work tirelessly for reform as she single-handedly supported her family. We hope to have you here again.

Interactive website for martinez memorial colleges

Vivid portrayals of Gilded Age women. These vibrant living-history lessons connect audiences with their past through compelling characters whose dilemmas and insights, passion and humor, are also our own. Many women resisted the Vote. A lecture and talk-back reveal the surprising sources of those arguments.

Published inon the eve of another fateful cataclysm: Written by Dorothy Canfield Fisher. Introduced by Mary E. Flinging anachronisms every which-way, Twain created a captivating First Woman who embodied all the contradictions of his time and ours. Choose a Tale or two, to suit your audience and event.

Do the humanities and arts commissions of every state know about you? Actress, Writer, Story Teller Address: Anthony, in story form, to middle and high school students and adult audiences. My representation of her is a clear message of equality of rights and opportunity for all.

My representation of Susan B Anthony includes interaction with the audience. I open the floor for questions and do not deter from character while answering. This is a one-woman show of historical significance.«Home / Interact / Interactive Museum Experience Interactive Museum Experience Explore the 9/11 Memorial Museum through this interactive video experience selecting different paths through the Museum’s vast spaces and exhibitions.

Women’s History comes alive with the help of talented performers or authors. Costumed performers portray both famous and infamous women from our history with relish and panache while authors and presenters bring the unbridled enthusiasm that comes from years of research and writing about a specific woman or women’s history topic.

Information on the internet is mostly unfiltered, requiring extra caution in selecting reliable sources. Virtually anyone can create a web site on a topic, regardless of their training, education, or .

For the youngest son in one of the first families of football, name recognition was never the problem. But proving himself worthy of the most important position in sports is an inner tension he.

TDS Subscribers! Call TDS right now and demand they keep KRQE NEWS 13 and FOX NEW MEXICO! Call or click here for more information. Explore web-based interactive timelines chronicling the events of the World Trade Center bombing, September 11, and the nine-month recovery effort at ground zero.

The timelines use images, audio and video as well as first-person accounts that are part of the National September 11 Memorial.

Interactive website for martinez memorial colleges
Interactive 9/11 Timelines | National September 11 Memorial & Museum