Marketing 4a

With strong expertise and its outstanding contribution to China 4A, Beijing Dentsu received various awards on the day of the event, including 1 silver award, 1 bronze award in the professional award category and 3 annual awards. In addition, Dentsu headquarters and China Dentsu Aegis Network also had very eye-catching performance, showcasing the overall strength of the group. Through introduction of the "Dentsu Aegis Network New Content Marketing Method", he made detailed speech on the group's attempts and successful experiences in terms of entertainment, anime, sports marketing and so on.

Marketing 4a

Many people who have taken a marketing course have learned about the "4 P's" of marketing. Are Product, Price, Place and Promotion elements of this marketing formula something from the past? Bob Lauterborn, Marketing 4a of advertising at the University of North Carolina has tracked the success of new products introduced into the U.

According to Bob, 80 percent of new products fail each year. With such a high failure rate, Bob notes that something isn't working with our "mindset". He wants to replace the Four P's with his Four C's. Consumer wants and needs vs. Products You can't develop products and then try to sell them to a mass market.

You have to study consumer wants and needs and then attract consumers one by one with something each one wants. Author of the movie Field of Dreams, J. Cancilla may have exclusive rights to the phrase "build it and they will come".

In most cases, you have to find out what people want and then "build" it for them, their way. Cost to satisfy vs. Price You have to realize that price - measured in dollars - is one part of the cost to satisfy.

Cost to satisfy (vs. Price)

If you sell hamburgers, for example, you have to consider the cost of driving to your restaurant, the cost of conscience of eating meat, etc. One of the most difficult places to be in the business world is the retailer selling at the lowest price. If you rely strictly on price to compete you are vulnerable to competition - in the long term.

Convenience to buy vs. Place You must think of convenience to buy instead of place. You have to know how each subset of the market prefers to buy - on the Internet, from a catalogue, on the phone, using credit cards, etc.

Promotion You have to consider the communication instead of promotion. Promotion is manipulative ouch! Communication requires a give and take between the buyer and seller that's nicer.

Be creative and you can make any advertising "interactive". Use phone numbers, your web site address, etc.

And listen to your customers when they are "with" you. Developing a brand takes into account these considerations. Developing a brand is developing a promise.

When you take into consideration the "4 C's" noted above you begin the process of developing a brand! Custom Fit Online follows the "4 C's" approach when developing strategy for our clients.Regardless of what you do now..

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running a online biz, traditional biz, network marketing, mlm, affiliate marketing, E-commerce, or working for others as a employees At the “4A+ Internet Age " themed forum held in the morning of the day, CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network China Motohiro Yamagishi gave the speech tilted "New Content Marketing - Creating Better Consumers Interaction in the Digital Age"  · product, find information about a product and severalMarketing Mix Trend (From 4 P, 4C to 4A): 4P is the other considerations.

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Marketing 4a

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Understanding the 4C's of Marketing Mix