Rural development homework 1

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Rural development homework 1

The LEADER Programme outlines three Themes that have been identified, through consultation and research, as representing the overarching needs of rural Ireland for this programme period. These themes respond to key challenges facing rural Ireland, with regard to: Ballyhoura Development is the implementing partner of Limerick Local and Community Development Committee LCDC in the Ballyhoura Development area, and is responsible for delivering the majority of project and animation activities and actions, including managing calls for proposals and processing applications for LEADER funding, in line with the programme calls.

The programme is delivered through a community development approach, with a strong focus on collaboration and partnership, equality and anti-discrimination.

Supports and services are delivered across two Programme Goals: Support communities and target groups to engage with relevant stakeholders in identifying and addressing social exclusion and equality issues, developing the capacity of Local Community Groups, and creating more sustainable communities.

To support disadvantaged individuals to improve the quality of their lives through the provision of lifelong learning and labour market supports.

Social Inclusion & Community Activation Programme

Getting Citizens Online Getting Citizens Online Programme Getting Citizens Online is a digital skills programme that aims to provide people who have never used the internet with the confidence, motivation, and skills to use the internet confidently and competently. The Programme focuses on practical aspects of online skills, such as: Training takes place over 5 weeks, through a 2 hour session each week, with one-to-one follow-ups provided to individuals if required.

Further information on this and other initiatives implemented by the Department are available here Job Club Job Club Ballyhoura Development operates a Job Club to provide services to assist jobseekers to find and retain employment.

The Ballyhoura Job Club is based in the Kilmallock Outreach office, and also outreaches one-to-one clinics and formal training in communities throughout the area, based on need.

Global Partners for Development

The service enables jobseekers to take positive steps towards realising their career plans to support them to explore and access employment opportunities, by means of practical and participative supports from the Job Club Leader and Job Club Administrator.

The Job Club also publishes a weekly Bulletin of job vacancies in the region. The Job Club also plays a key role in liaising with local employers concerning potential job vacancies, and working with jobseekers and employers to match jobseekers with job opportunities that may suit their skills.

For further information, to arrange a meeting with the Job Club Leader, or to find out about upcoming training courses and sessions, please contact Joe Biggane at jbiggane ballyhoura.

The Job Club is supported by the Department of Social Protection and further details are available here. Examples of work placement opportunities include:The Human Development Index (HDI) is a composite statistic of life expectancy, education, and income per capita indicators. A country scores higher HDI when the life expectancy at birth is longer, the education period is longer, and the income per capita is higher.

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The Rural Development Programme aims to improve the quality of life for communities and community members living and working in rural areas, and to encourage diversification of the rural economy. Peru's principal environmental problems are air pollution, water pollution, soil erosion and pollution, and deforestation.

Rural development homework 1

Air pollution is a problem, especially in Lima, due to industrial and vehicle emissions. But there are countless other examples where buying more only serves to further complicate life. Corporations and advertisements do not encourage doing without ever.

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