The importance of translators understanding the medical text for post translation

January 24, by atacompass By Austin Becker and Jacob Andra Occasionally, an enterprise client comes to our firm for post-translation help. The scenario usually looks like this: This rarely ends well. Translation of technical texts requires much more expertise than mere bilingual fluency.

The importance of translators understanding the medical text for post translation

Effective emails to translation agencies This is a guest post by Ed Garcia from worktranslating. What is the difference? Before we get started, just a few quick things. Make it easy for the reader of your email In many cases, the reader of your email will have many, many emails waiting for them in their inbox.

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In my case, I get emails from service vendors, potential customers, customers with open orders and our current translators, and of course from translators looking for work.

So my recommendation is that you make your emails as simple and direct as possible. However, what if you could include even more useful information in the subject line that will help the reader quickly know if you have what they need?

Specialization or other differentiations You want to stand out, right? The first thing you can do is include your specialty. If you are a Medical, Legal, or Technical translator, that would be a great thing to include in the subject line.

If you have references that confirm you are a reliable, high quality translator, etc. However keep in mind it carries more weight if you can back it up with references.

Language Combination Your language combination is vital. The reality is simple. By including your language combination, you immediately make yourself stand out to those that need your combination.

You will be surprised how many emails we get from folks that say they can translate to multiple targets, some of which are not their native languages. By including that you are a native of the target immediately, you quickly communicate that you are an experienced translator and know our industry.

If you have in another country for a long time and can now provide translation in both directions, clarify that in the body of your email. For services in the US, this is very helpful with language combinations where an English native is hard to find.

I know some or even many will disagree, and I completely understand both sides of the argument, as to whether or not it is wise to include rates in the initial contact email.

You may feel that if you give rates, you may get automatically disqualified by folks looking for cheaper rates. However, my personal recommendation is to consider giving a range of your rates.

For example, why not give a range. Using this method you give the potential client an idea of cost, but you maintain control of your rate if things progress to a concrete estimate. If you decide to share your rate in this first email, here is how I would recommend doing it in the subject line: Marketers use this technique all the time, and so can you.

You will be able to clarify in the body of the email.

The importance of translators understanding the medical text for post translation

While the body of your email will allow you to expand on your strengths it should still be simple and to the point. So, I have two suggestions that will make life much easier on your reader.

I am an experienced medical Spanish to English translator.Tips For Translation Students – How to Get the Best Out Of Your Translation Course With every new academic year a new group of future translators is born.

It can seem dawnting when you’re in the middle of it: classes, exams, pressure, partying hard 🙂 But with these tips for translation students anyone can get the best out of their course.

Translation projects are important and a part of the overall creation of useful content for companies. There are many problems though that may surface during One of the most important issue faced by a translator is the right understanding of specific terms. Legal or judiciary interpreters and translators must have a strong understanding of legal terminology.

Literary translators convert journal articles, books, poetry, and short stories from one language into another language. Backtranslation is the process of literally translating a previously translated document back into its source language, usually for the purposes of understanding and/or controlling the quality of the intermediary translation.

The importance of translators understanding the medical text for post translation

Babylon Translator is a computer dictionary and translation program. It provides comprehensive free dictionary results and full text translations between dozens of languages. Here are 15 futuristic translation apps and devices for travelers in to help you get your point across.

This post was originally published in It has been updated for accuracy and to include new apps and devices.

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