The important criteria that must be addressed for the internet to be an efficient medium

Is the medium accessible? Accessibility can be defined by factors such as: Is the necessary infrastructure available to facilitate distribution e.

The important criteria that must be addressed for the internet to be an efficient medium

Scalability When considering a serverless IoT platform, you should keep in mind that it scales out automatically to serve a growing load, without prompts for action.

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It supports business growth, preventing blackouts due to lack of resources behind the cloud. While it is hidden behind the scenes with the serverless approach, a custom IoT solution must provide options to scale itself with predictable performance, memory and throughput metrics.

Some IoT frameworks provide more advanced and fine-grained scaling options that are more efficient but may require a skilled team or advanced operations.

Reliability Real-time scaling out to serve the changing load demand with more compute resources is not enough. In production, you will not have the luxury of determining the reasons for messages disappearing from devices or the whole platform not responding.

The system should be failover and have disaster recovery capabilities to support production levels of reliability. It should implement health checks, monitor its components and provide self-healing for most cases.

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When choosing your platform, pay attention to how its reliability can be achieved. It is usually a combination of architecture and operation-specific sets of factors.

Customization Serverless IoT approach allows flexibility by providing integration options with the rest of its cloud services. A custom IoT solution should provide great built-in functionality, extensive libraries, APIs and integration options with other platforms or services, an ability to extend the core of the system by using custom plugins or integrating custom code.

With open source solutions, we can go way beyond that. There is freedom of unlimited customization and tuning of the product to match specific needs. Open source also gives you the entire picture of its all ins and outs. Operations Operations are a significant, and often underestimated, factor.

Unlike serverless IoT platforms, where all operations are mostly hidden under the hood, it can take tremendous effort for your team to operate a custom IoT platform. You should always consider platform orchestration capabilities, especially when the platform is built using the micro-services architecture.

Also, an important benefit is a dashboard displaying the overall system statistics and health information, status of each particular module or service, with an option for notifications in case of an emergency.

If there is uncertainty about staying with a particular IoT platform in the future, I recommend checking whether it supports MQTT, the most broadly used protocol invented almost 20 years ago and a de-facto standard in IoT.

Hardware-agnostic The hardware manufacturing industry evolves extremely fast, and we can observe how small and powerful edge devices could be.

The important criteria that must be addressed for the internet to be an efficient medium

Most of the devices today can run operating systems, making them extremely flexible and capable of running programs written in any language. However, with low-end devices, one is constrained by their memory and computing power, and apps must be extremely efficient in resource consumption.The second of the two types of communication medium is mechanical media.

With mechanical media we mean written or electronic channels.

The important criteria that must be addressed for the internet to be an efficient medium

These channels can be used as archives for messages or for giving the big picture and a deeper knowledge. Considerations in Planning a Network Infrastructure Defining Network Infrastructure A network can be defined as the grouping of hardware devices and software components which are necessary to connect devices within the organization, and to connect the organization to other organizations and the Internet/5(14).

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