Time and action calendar

In garment manufacturing each order is not less than a project to a merchant. Because, from order receiving to order completion involve number of tasks of various duration and requirement of resources. Few tasks come one after another and others move at the same time. Like number of processes, lot of people are involved to accomplish an order.

Time and action calendar

Sampling is the most crucial task and hence need to plan in TNA very carefully, some sampling stages are very important so any deviation or delay in that will affect the whole TNA. The submission of proto sample totally depends upon buyers enquiry date.

In sample TNA it is shown that the planned proto submission date is and planned approval date isi. After approval of proto sample manufacturer starts working on fit sample, that needs to submit exactly at planned date.

Any delay in fit sample submission will cause the delay in P. Fit sample must submit within 45 days of proto approval as to get the sample of bulk fabric it takes working days to get in-house; hence after approval of proto sample i.

Time and action calendar fabric suppliers are nominated by buyer or buyer will supply the fabric in either case it may not take more time. Hence, in time and action calendar approximate 1 month gap is shown between proto sample approval and fit sample submission.

Buyer must give the comments on fit sample within 7 days. Any delay from buyer side will directly affect the further process. To make fit sample process to complete within time period, the planned approval date for fit is i. These samples are generally submitted parallel with fit sample.

The same period is allotted to salesman sample i. Order size mainly depends on this sample and any delay or quality issue in sample can reduce the order size. Sometimes buyer may ask more number of samples e.

Time and action calendar

This stage of sampling is most important, without size set approval bulk fabric for production should not be cut in order to accommodate any changes by the buyer in the bulk production. So, any delay in size set sample will directly affect PCD and subsequently affect the shipment date.

Size set sample need to submit with actual bulk fabric, hence for timely submission of size set sample merchandiser should make sure that all bulk fabric should be in-house well in advance of size set submission date.

To avoid the delay, as soon as bulk trims and fabrics are get in-house within 3 days size-set sample can be produced and submitted to buyer for approval.

As per TNA, in table no. Before submission of PP sample it is very necessary that Garment Performance Test should be cleared from buyer.

This sample sent to either third party inspection or in-house testing lab. While preparing the TNA merchandiser must keep in mind that test results should get approved from buyer well in advance of PP meeting.Garment Time Action Calendar Style # Qty Delivery Date Shipment Mode Color Ex-Factory Planned Actual Remark BUYER’ ADVICE P.O.

/Order Recpt date FITTING Samples 1st Fit Sample Comments Recvd By Sz Set Sample Submitted By Comments Recvd By P.P. Sample Approval Receipt By FABRIC Recap Fabric Quality Approval 1st Lab Dip Submission Comments Recvd By 2nd Lab Dip Recvd By . LMS+ Login - Rippe & Kingston.

TNA means “Time & Action Calendar”.TNA is very important part for apparel Sector. Without time & action calendar cannot execute of an order properly.

So it is very important task for merchandising life in garment & textile sector. As a member of the Sphinx network she has played numerous roles within the organization, as a teacher, juror, orchestra member and concertmaster, panelist and ambassador, as well as being a two-time laureate in their annual competition.

A “Time and Action" calendar is one of the most important tools for managing a project. It defines the ideal date/time period within which the major activities of an order should occur against a scheduled delivery window.

Time and Action Calendar Format for Production Merchants of the most important tools for managing a project. In garment manufacturing each order is .

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