Wgu qlt task 1

This page gives you a short overview over them and links to more detailled descriptions in some cases. Payment methods are built as pretix plugins.

Wgu qlt task 1

Complete Blocks 1 through 10 to provide essential identification information, the associated Job Control Number JCNand labor distribution data according to the following specific instructions. Enter the UIC of reporting activity. For barcoded missiles this will be assigned automatically.

Enter the locally assigned five-digit number for each separate job. The first two digits of the serial number identifies the missile type; e. For 01 through 09, enter the lead zero. Enter an alpha-character to identify subjobs under one JCN. If none, enter a dash. This field is left blank for barcoded missiles.

Enter the part number of the item in maintenance as it appears on the equipment. For barcoded missiles this block is left blank. Enter the serial number of the item in maintenance as it appears on the equipment. For barcoded missiles this is an assigned number for tracking in the database.

NOTE Include all prefixes, lead zeros, dashes, slant lines, alpha-characters, and suffixes. If the item is an all-up-round, the serial number will correspond to the serial number of the lead component. Data entry is used for accounting by job order or work request number and ownership. This space is provided for the discretionary use of the local activity.

Enter the number of units being reported. Enter the labor-hours required for the job in hours and tenths of hours. Enter the missile support equipment designation as it appears on the equipment in the first space in Block 9.

Wgu qlt task 1

If a non-test maintenance action is being reported, enter a dash. Test Equipment Serial Number. Enter the corresponding serial number in the first space in Block If more than one test equipment is used, continue to record the corresponding designations and serial numbers in successive spaces.

Wgu qlt task 1

Complete Blocks 11 through 25 to provide specific information about the item in maintenance, and the action being reported. Entering data in this column is optional.ÐÏ à¡± á> þÿ % þÿÿÿCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`abcdeý. Browse and search thousands of Companies & Firms Abbreviations and acronyms in our comprehensive reference resource.

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