Writing a blog 2015 23rd

The only safe place to go. I can hardly listen without going into a sort of trauma response. And so I turn off the radio, close the shutters on my heart, afraid to take any of it in, lest it take me down.

Writing a blog 2015 23rd

The Reds on slang.

One of the challenges of writing historical novels is making sure I get things right. This includes manner of speech and address. Nothing takes a reader out of a period more easily than a character using language that is not right for the period. A Victorian miss saying, "Hey, you guys," for example.

I am just about to start a book set in Victorian England--a challenge for me as until now my books have been set in the Twentieth Century. For each period I write about I have to study the vocabulary of everyday speech, what slang words were used and by which segment of society.

I am quite at home with Lady Georgie in the s, because people actually spoke like that still when I was a child. When I was at school other girls still called one "Old bean". They still said, 'I say, you are a brick. Of course working class people had an entirely different vocabulary.

Cockney would say "Whatcher" instead of "hello" for example. So I've been thinking how certain words are so specific to certain periods. Words to express appreciation, for example. In my early youth everything was "smashing and wizard" I think people still said "spiffing" too.

They both really caught on. I've never been able to use it in my Molly Murphy books because it would wrench the reader out of the period! People had a cracking good time. Sportscasters described it as a "cracking goal. I won't even attempt to keep up with the expressions my grandkids use.

What is a BAE? Some of us cling onto words from our past. I still have been heard to say "brilliant" or even "super".

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One friend who was a movie producer still called everything "cool" long after the Sixties were over. It sounded strange coming from a middle-aged mouth.

writing a blog 2015 23rd

So what expressions do you cling onto, dear Reds? Do you have any regional ones that define you? Do you move with the times and use your kids' expressions? Dude, I totally hear what you're saying.

Slang can really harsh a writer's mellow. I write all contemporary and mostly something characters so I need to know what's what, what's in, and what's out. I don't always get it right. I used "lit" the other day and was told by a hooligan that it's out.

Then I said that's "hella bad" and was informed I was using hella wrong, too.We are always told to use body language in our writing. I created these cheat sheets to help you show a character's state of mind through body language. One is writing, but I write to write so I wax and wane and am very happy on that front.

I tried, for a bit, to be a “successful” writer until I realized the stress of it all outweighed the joy of writing–clearly not what I am really meant to do.

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